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Dr. Andy Ullman, chiropractorDr. Ullman started in chiropractic after injuring his back while mowing a yard. His initial intention was to be a physical therapist and was working at Baylor Institute of Rehabilitation as physical therapist aide. When his back did not heal with the standard treatment of rest and rehab, and over the counter medicine did not work, his wife convinced him that he should see a chiropractor. After one treatment he was convinced there was something to this chiropractic. He felt so much better that he continued with the treatment. He was so much impressed by chiropractic that after researching the science and philosophy of chiropractic that he decided to change his major and go to Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas Texas.

He graduated Cum Laude in 1995. After a year in practice, he went back to Parker College of Chiropractic to become an Assistant Professor. While teaching at Parker in 1997 he was Certified by Parker College of Chiropractic in MeridianTherapy/Acupuncture in their 100-hour course. He has been using acupuncture in his office for over 20 years to treat certain conditions He enjoys working in a family practice by has always had a focus on sports injuries.

Dr. Ullman in his spare time spends times with his four children and wife. He enjoys camping, fishing, kayaking, reading, and cycling.

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chiropractic office

chiropractic office